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Red Lentils, red split lentils, or masoor dal, is a form of pulses common to the Indian subcontinent. It is eaten as a dal, used in soups, and many other dishes including the famous khichdi. Rich in proteins and fibers, red lentils are usually eaten for better digestion, and as a plant based substitute for high protein diets. They break down quickly while cooking, and do not take a lot of time for preparation, which makes them the ideal choice for people with limited cook time. Red lentils improve digestion, lower cholesterol, and can potentially reduce inflammation. Also a great source of magnesium, iron and soluble and insoluble fibers, red lentils are a staple in most Indian household’s groceries.

Desicart brings to you Trs Red Lentils 2 KG in our Beans, Lentils and Pulses. A leading online grocery store in the UK, we source our products from amongst the best farms and processing centers.

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