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Height-38.5cm-Single Side(Approx)


Note:The Thread colour in the malai may change it depends on availability

Karungali Mala increases concentration and aids in meditation, also can be used for chanting mantrasWearing a Karungali Garland will help in creating positive vibrations and bring good thoughts that are sure to happen. Karungali garland has the power to prevent and stop negative thoughts. Karungali malai is a necklace made from black ebony wood. It is believed to have many benefits, including:

• Meditation: Can improve concentration and aid in meditation
• Positive energy: Can create positive vibrations and bring good thoughts
• Protection: Can protect from black magic and clean the aura
• Career: Can bring success and career growth, and help avoid cash shortages
• Horoscope: Can help mitigate negative aspects of the planet Mars in one's horoscope
Some say that Karungali malai should be removed before eating non-vegetarian food and during funerals. It can be worn again after taking a head bath, with a gap of 8–10 hours.

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