Some simple ways to use Fenugreek for healthy Life & tasty dishes!

For several thousands of years, the famous fenugreek has been primarily used in the alternative as well as Chinese medicine to mostly treat skin conditions along with so many other diseases.

Recently, it has also become a very common household spice and thickening agent for that variety of sumptuous dishes. If you’ve been impressed by dishes such as the mouth-watering chicken curry or the famous lentil stew (Sambhar) served in almost every Indian restaurant and wondered what the magic ingredient was—the answer would probably lie in the aromatic spice, commonly known as the fenugreek. Fenugreek seeds with their extraordinary powders are also used graciously in many Indian dishes for their overall nutritional profile and that ever so slightly sweet, nutty taste. A pinch of this almost unique tasting spice can instantly transform even the blandest dish into a mouth-watering one that will have its eater wanting more!

So apart from it's taste-enhancing features, what else does fenugreek stand out for?

People who have been using the fenugreek in so many brilliant ways for good hundreds or potentially thousands of years until now, in order to effectively treat a very wide range of conditions, that include:

  • digestive problems, loss of appetite, and gastritis
  • breast milk production and flow
  • diabetes
  • low testosterone or libido
  • painful menstruation
  • menopause
  • arthritis
  • high blood pressure
  • obesity
  • breathing problems
  • boils
  • low exercise performance
  • ulcers
  • open wounds
  • muscle pain
  • migraines and headaches
  • childbirth pains

Of all the significant benefits, some research suggests that:

Fenugreek may reduce the risk of diabetes. Also quite a few studies in animals have indicated that at least four compounds in a fenugreek seed have antidiabetic properties.

Fenugreek goes really well with most leafy green vegetables, lovely beetroot, potatoes, lush tomato, peas, some legumes, most seafood and grains... It's also a very essential ingredient for pickles including the delicious flavours like cucumber, mango and lime.

When fenugreek is known to hold such amazing benefits and go so well with almost all of our staple mains, why not include it in some unique recipes? So here are some healthy and fantastically tasty fenugreek recipes for you to relish at any time.

  • Khada Masala Murgh with Kasoori Methi

Chicken pieces are finely cooked in the goodness of the crushed whole spices and some aromatic kasoori methi. This dish is then flavoured with a few dried fenugreek leaves that almost emits a wonderful aroma of those freshly crushed whole spices. How yum!

  • Methi Chicken

This is a simple but sumptuous chicken curry with some fenugreek leaves (methi) is a hearty and indeed healthy dish that is just so very perfect for a quick dinner dish. Those tender chicken chunks are cooked in a hearty blend of spices with the broth in and some wholesome fenugreek leaves. An appetizer to never skip on!

  • Methi Paratha

A quintessential favourite that has been popular across the nation! Wheat flour is well worked into the dough, properly rolled out and then stuffed with a mixture of fenugreek leaves and a host of many fresh spices. Pair these with some delicious curd, spicy pickles or any of your favourite choiced accompaniments.

  • Methi Macchi

All it takes is 30 minutes and a few simple ingredients to make this sensational delicacy. Take a tender sole fish which is teamed with a mouthwatering gravy made of fine spinach, delicious methi saag, some lush tomatoes and a topping of those masalas.

There are so many more delicious and delectable dishes to try out that are made with the perfect concoction of the fresh herb along with other superb ingredients to create some mesmerizing magic in your mouth. Now that you know how fenugreek can work wonders in your life and in all your meals, go ahead and use more of it on a daily basis. Looking to avail some fresh fenugreek online in the UK? Don’t go anywhere when you can have them delivered online through Desicart! Visit for fresh Indian spices and local produce in and around the UK.

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