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Chick peas are a variety of the legume family, and are commonly called kabuli chana, garbanzo beans, and bengal grams. They are famously cooked as curries, served boiled, and incorporated into different stews. Chickpeas, or white chickpeas, are more common in north India, while the brown chickpeas are more common in south India. Generally, they are soaked overnight in water and then boiled in salted water before being incorporated into any dish. Chickpeas are a rich source of proteins, iron, fiber, calcium magnesium, and vitamin B6. The Indian dish chole, is a curry featuring chickpeas, which is famous the world over.

Desicart presents Trs Chick Peas 500gm, one of the essential components of beans, lentils and pulses of all Indian families. We are dedicated to providing Indian grocery essentials in the UK, to all the Indians settled here, along with people who share a love for Indian food. We ensure high quality and source our products from the best produce in the subcontinent.

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