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Mung Dal, one of the most loved dal alternatively also Called Moong bean, green gram, mash. It is the most favored lentils in Indian Cuisine. Rich source of Vitamins and Proteins. In Ayurveda, mung dal is said to be a portion of very beneficial health food.
At the rate of high heart problems, Mung Dal lowers blood pressure.
With fast and junk food, the weight adds another problem to ourself and family health. But Nature has provided us with such good healthy food. Mung dal controls weight.
It prevents Diabetes and improves blood circulation.

There are tons of recipes made from Mung dal. To make complete protein, eat moong dal with rice, roti.

Desicart presents a pack of Trs Mung Dal 2 Kg, add this tasty with the healthy ingredient to your grocery list.We are one of the largest Indian Supermarket online in UK. We focus on delivering good quality Indian beans, lentils, and pulses with an affordable price to the Indian families settled here. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery Store to your door step.

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