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Malawi Toor Dall or Toor Dall Oily is the skinned and split pigeon peas, more commonly known as arhar dal. The extra coating of oil, which is not removed during processing, helps preserve the dal for a longer duration of time, and is ideal for storage. Sometimes called the “King of Pulses”, toor dall is one of the most commonly consumed dals throughout India, and is known for its thick consistency, rich taste, and low cook time. Mostly it is soaked in water for an hour, and then pressure cooked, with an added tadka. It is also used for making different kinds of legume curries, stews, and many other dishes. It is one of the richest sources of plant based protein, and is also a good source of calcium, vitamins B and C, and magnesium.
Desicart presents Fudco Malawi Toor Dall 1.5 KG, the pack of toor dal oily sourced from the top farms of India. It should be rinsed and washed properly before cooking to remove excess oil. Desicart is the leading Indian grocery store in the UK, dedicated to bringing grocery essentials to Indians living in the UK, and for all others who share a love for the Indian cuisine.

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