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 Chapati, also known as roti, safati, shabaati, phulka, chapo, poli, and roshi, is an unleavened flatbread. Chapati is a very common form of a food item, where wheat, which is the staple of northern South Asia, is eaten or consumed by people. Roti or chapati is an inalienable part of the Indian diet. Made with whole wheat, it is healthy and can be paired with anything from curries. Neptune’s Chapathi from Desicart is always healthy and from good processing. Chapati contains vitamins and minerals like magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and iron. - Also contains zinc and other minerals which are good for our skin. - Easily digested. This way, it is better to eat chapati instead of rice.

Buy this healthy product in our Desicart online grocery store at an affordable price with the best offers. We give the best door delivery with safe packaging through orders from our site . Desicart proudly delivers massive products to our customers with the best deals. All of our products are processed in a very clean environment. Please read the information in the package to avoid misunderstandings. Have a Happy Shopping with Desicart.

All Purpose Wheat Flour, Refined Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Salt and Water.

Allergic Advice:
Contains Wheat. This product has been made  in the factory which handles  peanuts, Wheat Flour(Gluten) nuts and other Products are also packed.

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