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Taj Jamun Whole is a product made from Indian Black Plum. It is packed in a factory where other products, including nuts and peanuts, are also packaged. 
Jamun is a traditional medicinal plant used in many traditional medical systems. 
Jamun can be consumed as a juice, powder, or in salads and smoothies. It is also a good source of hydration in the summer. It has many health benefits, including: 
  • Digestion: Jamun can help with digestion and weight loss
  • Diarrhea: Jamun can help with chronic diarrhea
  • Flatulence: Jamun can help with gas and flatulence
  • Infections: Jamun can help protect against infections
  • Anemia: Jamun can help treat anemia
  • Respiratory issues: Jamun can help fight respiratory issues
  • Libido: Jamun can enhance libido
  • Other health conditions: Jamun can help treat heart problems, diabetes, skin issues, asthma, and stomach pain

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Indian Black Plum.

Allergic Advice:
This product is packed in the factory where peanuts, nuts and other Products are also packed.

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