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Protein is very necessary for a healthy body. Sometimes it becomes unable to receive a sufficient amount of protein from regular food. Preferring supplements for getting protein is not a bad thing also it doesn’t have any side effects. Protinex is cholesterol-free and packed with nutrients. It is 100% vegetable protein. Take it with hot or cold water, milk. Helps to boost immunity and energy with an increasing level of protein. Helps to aid digestion and good for people who can't consume protein from a regular diet.
Desicart Presents Protinex 180G. We are amongst the leading online grocery stores in the UK. We focus on delivering quality with an affordable price of Indian beans, lentils, and pulses to the Indian families settled here. We always try our best to add Indian’s delicious ingredients taste to your food. Rest assured of premium quality from the leading Indian grocery store.

Protinex is a nutritional supplement free of cholesterol containing a high concentration of 100%  vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals.

Allergic Advice: 
Contains Peanut Extract.

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