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Mung beans, also known as Green Grams, or simply mung, belong to the legume family and are a staple component of Indian diet. It is eaten raw (after being soaked in water until soft) as sprouts, added to curries and rasams, and also as an alternative to pulses like toor, chana and moong. Trs Moong Beans 500 gm is brought to you by Desicart the leading online grocery store in the UK.
The Indian grocery store, dedicated to serving the daily grocery and other food requirements of the Indian customers in the UK, Desicart ensures that it sources the best produce from farms across the country and continent. Our Trs Mung Beans 500 gm in the Beans, Lentils and Pulses section is a proven source of digestive fibers and proteins, and is eaten across Asia for better digestion, eyesight, and overall immunity.

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